Jumat, 09 Oktober 2015

De Satans Chefer 2 (2014) Fuld Streaming

This tonal mishmash is a misfire of literally gross proportions.. It has a game cast, it's watchable, fun, sick, sad and has to be seen to be believed.. A schizoid horror comedy with an identity crisis, shifting uncomfortably between shocking body horror and puerile Jackass-level cringe humor.. Duct tape, thick rope and the threat of being shot all figure prominently in "Horrible Bosses 2." All would have been required to keep me in my seat if it weren't my job to report back on this factory-iss...


De Satans Chefer 2 (2014) Fuld Streaming Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Dena K. Lykes

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